Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Mythology Lesson Plans


Read: "D'aulaires' Book Of Greek Myths" pgs 9-15
(Olden Times, Gaea - Mother Earth, The Titans)

Introduce the kids to the "Mythology" book and have them start a mythology notebook.
I need to collect printables for this. Have them color and paste them in their notebooks. ALong with their own notes about the book we are reading.

Keep a family tree of the "Gods" (this will tie into our history lesson).

Show the kids (just to look it over) the "World Mythology" book. Show that there were/are "creation" and "myth" stories all over the world. If I have time... pick out a few key elements from each one to discuss and label a map of the places where these myths come from.

Create the first mini book from the workbook - and do the vocab pg6


(Zeus and his family)





Weekly Goals and Notes: