Friday, August 16, 2013

8 week plans

We are doing 1 and 2 simultaneously for a total of 8 weeks:

A) Mythology (6 weeks)
Mythology D'Aulaires (this is my spine) Mythology (just a visual aid) Ancient Greece unit (unit study work) Greek myth mini books (just a little extra to add to the lessons) 

Mythology D'Aulaires activity print out Greek Gods family tree, print out images, place in proper places on the tree. (need poster frame).

B) Family Tree (2 weeks)
The Kids Family Tree (super excellent book!) - activites in the book

Geography (8 weeks) 
The Complete Book Of Maps and Geography (spine). Geography Of The WorldEverything you need to know about geography homeworkGeography Wizardly For Kids List of activities.

Netflix videos will be added here:

Then we are off to explore Ancient History...


I was recently informed that I have to come up with USA and state history this year. I REALLY am not interested in exploring this at any depth this year. We have enough on our plate for our first year return to homeschooling.
I have decided to have the kids explore a state for a week. Main goal is to memorize where it is on a map and have at least some background knowledge on each state. That should be a free and easy lesson plan to configure.
There are plenty of resources at the library, online, Netflix... have the kids do artistic activities to create the states shapes - to help cement what each state looks like, to make it easier to identify on a map.

I will list materials used for this: