Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Tree

History Lesson Plans

theme: family tree's (2 week study)


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 4- 11

introduce vocab words pg 25
ancestor                       genes
archives                       head of household
auto biography              immigrant
biography                     maiden name
census                         maternal
descendant                   paternal
emigrate                       pedigree
fraternal                      relatives
genealogy                    sibling
generation                   spouse

Create a history notebook. Take notes on the info inside the book.

paint / draw a picture of themselves and other family members - write a few words around each person to describe them (talents, medical, looks, etc) - compare the differences and similarities.

Online activities: show them websites such as  and even family on Facebook that live outside of the state.

Make a family history book - scrapbook (details) - but first, do research: will need a notebook, folder, and box (for anything given to you during the research phase).


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 12-26

Do the activity on page 12

Online activities: look at birth announcements, marriages, divorces, obituaries in newspaper or online
Take a walk to the cemetery

Take notes for history notebook. Place images of different kinds of family tree graphs (this will also tie into math class where we are also studying types of graphs today).

Interview your parents and siblings for your family tree research.

study vocab words


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 27-39

** page 28 has some interesting ideas that could be used for taking study notes. **

study vocab words

take notes for history notebook

Do activity on pg 30

Do activity on pg 34

Online activities: type in persons name for general search, vital records, census records


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 40-48

online activity: learn about Ellis Island and Angel Island
                      name genealogy:
                      coat of arms - learn about and look up ours

History notebook: Angel Island and Ellis Island Images for notebooks.
                          List family names and their genealogy
                          list or put pics up of foods / recipes of our ancestry
                          take notes
                          make a coat of arms pg51


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pg 53-59

online activity:

History notebook: take notes

Weekly Goals and Notes:

  • This book "The Kids Family Tree Book" will take two weeks to complete. 
  • do a time capsule the end of the two weeks.
  • After this, do a brief week long exploration of Ireland and England (ancestry)
  • Then jump into geography briefly 
  • Finally, start on our History Odyssey (Ancients - level 1)


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 60-70


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 71-80


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 81-90


Read: The Kids Family Tree Book pgs 91-95