Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013: Family Scrapbook

This will tie into history lessons, why history is important, how people research history...

  • Put a picture of "child on first page - inside of first page, put the family tree graph.  

Second page - parents on top of page and the children of those parents below (oldest to youngest).
Third page - parents of those parents and their kids pictured below.
The organization can get complicated - so I will let the kids kind of have some say here.
Do they want pages for uncle /aunts - neices/nephews.
How do they want to organize maternal and paternal sides of the family.
I think this problem solving will help them analyze the parts of the family and how they fit together.

  • The kids will eventually write about the family members (ask other family members for imput, when needed). 
  • Put in maps of where people lived.
  • "family treasures" - recipes...