Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013: Science Investigations #1

Science Investigations - Middle Grades

I am not going to list all that is in the book. Seeing as I have no followers, I felt it was safe to put some of it here for my kids use.

This is a middle school grade level. These topics have not previously - or even currently - been covered. However, this is a good way to investigate interesting topics - to obtain some background knowledge for when the material is covered.

Moms instructions:  Do one of these each morning. Use M.S. Office to answer these questions. Add an image and quote your source(s).

1) Do spiders have good eyesight?

2) Why is the sky blue?

3) What comet is currently visible from some spot on Earth?

4) How can you tell an acid from a base?

5) What good is a vacuole?

6) What does an epidemiologist study?

7) Can you get pfiesteria from eating shellfish?

8) Why do cats cough up hairballs?

9) Of what material are fingernails made?

10) How old are the oldest coral reefs?

11) What should you do if you get caught in quicksand?

12) How many times does a heart beat in an average lifetime?

13) Could California fall into the Pacific Ocean during a bad earthquake?

14) Who are the llama's closest relatives?

15) Why don't satellites fall from the sky?

16) Where would you find a quark?

17) Whi is it easier to float in salt water than in fresh water?

18) What is the Coriolis effect?

19) How is an aurora borealis different from an aurora australis?

20) Where in the U.S., could you find a black swallowtail butterfly?

21) What is the difference between fision and fusion?

22) Why do bubbles burst so easily?

23) How much water is on Earth?

24) What is granite good for?

These websites can help you find solutions to the science mysteries on pg 10-12:

(moms notes: these are not the only places you should be looking for resources. Just the books "suggestions").

Aquatic Network - Aquatic World -
Ask An Expert -
Ask Dr. Universe -
The Aurora Page -
Biology Learning Center - Marine Biology - -
Cool Science For Curious Kids -
Discovery Channel On Line -
Earth Kids - Earth Science For Kids / NASA -
The Exploratorium -
Fear Of Physics -
The Franklin Institute Science Museum -
The Heart Online -
National Institute Of Environmental Health Services -
National Science Foundation -
OceanLink -
Radars Chem4Kids -
Radars -
Radars Geography For Kids -
Reeko's Mad Science Lab -
Science Made Simple -
Sea & Sky -
Smithsonian Museums -
Space Kids - Space Science For Kids / NASA - The link listed did not work. Here are a few others:
U.S. Geological Survey - California Earthquakes -
U.S. Geological Survey Water Science For Schools -
Whale Songs -
Yuckiest Sit in The Internet - The link listed did not work.