Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013: Objectives List

Required by pa state law - I have to yearly hand in an objectives list... our list of materials we plan on using as well as objectives for the required courses. This is what I handed in for BOTH of my kids this year (4th and 5th grade). I kept it minimum - a needs to know basis. 
1. Read often and read increasingly difficult texts
2. Improve fluency in reading aloud.
3. Improve spelling and vocabulary.
4. Increase knowledge of English grammar.
 5. Develop creative, narrative, and descriptive writing skills.
MATERIALS: MCT, LOE, and misc resources on hand.  

1. Improve understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and money. 
2. Improve real life applications of math through a variety of explorations. 
MATERIALS: Singapore, manipulatives, journaling, and misc resources on hand.

1. In-depth look into genealogy
2. Introduction to mythology 
3. Ancient history, geography, and timelines
4. Increase knowledge of US and Pennsylvania history
MATERIALS: History Odyssey, journaling, videos, and misc resources on hand.

1. Observe nature (to include: the night sky, the daytime sky, zoo animals, farm animals, birds and bird migration, insects, caterpillars, butterflies, fungi, trees, flowers etc.)
2. Participate in a variety of scientific experiments, activities, and explorations, and record results and findings
MATERIALS: Apologia - Botany, Life Science by Pandia Press, videos, and misc resources on hand.

1) Creative and fun expression of self
2) Learn about artists and art styles that relate to the time period in our ancient history studies.

1) Piano Lessons
2) Learn about the musicians and musical styles that relate to the time period in our ancient history studies. 

Health, phys ed, safety, and the misc.
1) nutrition
2) Continued exercise through play, bike rides, nature walks, and yoga
3) Continued discussions of fire prevention and other safety issues

**We have not yet completed the list of materials for these classes. A completed list will be included in our yearly portfolio.**