Tuesday, August 6, 2013

History - chapters

WEEK 1 What is history
WEEK 2 The Earliest People
WEEK 3 The Sumerians 
WEEK 4 First Writings
WEEK 5 The Egyptians
WEEK 6 Egyptian Religion: Mummies and Gods
WEEK 7 Egyptian Pyramids
WEEK 8 Indus Valley
WEEK 9 Europe Builds Monuments
WEEK 10 Ancient Crete
WEEK 11 The Mycenaeans
WEEK 12 The Babylonians And The Hittites
WEEK 13 Egypts Empire
WEEK 14 Daily Life Of The Egyptians
WEEK 15 Canaanites - Philistines - Hebrews
WEEK 16 The Phoenicians
WEEK 17 The Assyrians
WEEK 18 Babylon Returns
WEEK 19 Ther Persians
WEEK 20 Ancient Greece
WEEK 21 Daily Life In Ancient Greece 
WEEK 22 Alexander The Great 
WEEK 23 The Scythians
WEEK 24 Between The Rivers - Ancient China
WEEK 25 Later In Ancient China
WEEK 26 Ancient Africa
WEEK 27 Ancient India
WEEK 28 Look Whats Happening In America
WEEK 29 The Celts
WEEK 30 The Rise Of Rome And Its Wars
WEEK 31 Daily Life In Ancient Rome
WEEK 32 The Spread Of Christianity
WEEK 33 Rome Falls To The Barbarians
WEEK 34 Byzantine Empire
WEEK 35 Make Your Ancient History Keepsake Book!
Chapter 1 The Earliest People
Chapter 2 Egyptians Lived On The Nile River
Chapter 3 The First Writing 
Chapter 4 The Old Kingdom Of Egypt
Chapter 5 The First Sumerian Dictator
Chapter 6 The Jewish People
Chapter 7 Hammurabi And The Babylonians
Chapter 8 The Assyrians
Chapter 9 The First Cities Of India
Chapter 10 The Far East: Ancient China 
Chapter 11 Ancient Africa
Chapter 12 The Middle Kingdom Of Egypt
Chapter 13 The New Kingdom Of Egypt
Chapter 14 The Israelites Leave Egypt
Chapter 15 The Phoenicians
Chapter 16 The Return Of Assyria
Chapter 17 Babylon Takes Over Again
Chapter 18 Life In Early Crete
Chapter 19 The Early Greeks
Chapter 20 Greece Gets Civilized Again
Chapter 21 The Medes And The Persians
Chapter 22 Sparta And Athens
Chapter 23 The Greek Gods
Chapter 24 The War Of The Greeks
Chapter 25 Alexander The Great
Chapter 26 The People Of The Americas
Chapter 27 The Rise Of Rome
Chapter 28 The Roman Empire
Chapter 29 Romes War With Carthage
Chapter 30 The Aryans Of India
Chapter 31 The Mauryan Empire Of India
Chapter 32 China: Writing And The Qin
Chapter 33 Confucius
Chapter 34 The Rise Of Julius Caesar
Chapter 35 Caesar The Hero 
Chapter 36 The First Roman Prince
Chapter 37 The Beginning Of Christianity 
Chapter 38 The End Of The Ancient Jewish Nation
Chapter 39 Rome And The Christians
Chapter 40 Rome Begins To Weaken
Chapter 41 The Attacking Barbarians
Chapter 42 The End Of Rome
The Complete Book Of World History (Grades 4-8)
What Is History 
The First Humans
The First People
The Great Migrations
The Last Ice Age
The First Farmers
The First Civilizations
Society And City States
Homes And Temples
The Indus Valley
Crete And Mycenae
Megalithic Europe
Pyramids And Gods
The Jews
Phoenicia And Assyria
Chinas Early Rulers
War And Weapons
African Civilizations
The Americas
Empires East And West
The Persian Empire
The Rise Of Greece
Greek Art And Science
Daily Life And Trade
In Greece
Alexander The Great
New Empires In India
Eastern Religions
Han Rule In China
Celtic Europe
The Rise Of Rome
The Roman Empire
War And Government
Ancient Gods
Early Middle Ages ... for next year