Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013: Our Curriculum


MCT Grammar Island

Logic Of English
The Reading Teachers Complete Book Of Lists

English 4 (by american education publishing)
Real Life Writing (scholastic)

Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love (scholastic)

How To Teach Non Fiction Writing (evan moor)
Expository Writing (scholastic)
Daily 6 Trait Writing (evan moor)
Creative Writing Ideas (evan moor)
Live Writing (by ralph fletcher)

Spectrum Writing 4 (spectrum)
The Most Wonderful Writing Lessons Ever (scholastic)

Paragraph Writing Made Easy (scholastic)
Paragraph Writing (evan moor)

Use A Better Word (teacher created resources)

How To Report On Books (evan moor)

Easy Steps To Writing Fantastic Research Reports (scholastic)
The Best Research Reports Ever (scholastic)

Teaching Literary Elements with favorite chapter books (scholastic)


Ancient History

Pandia Press - Ancient History - level 1
           required resources used:
                  Story Of The World (I am using the book and guide)
                  A Childs History Of The World
                  Usbourne Internet Linked Encyclopedia Of World History
                  History Pockets - Ancient Civilizations
                  Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors
                  Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors
                  Life In Ancient Greece Coloring Book (dover publishing)
                  Life In Ancient Rome Coloring Book (dover publishing)
                  Modern Rhymes about Ancient Times: Ancient Egypt
                  Ancient China Treasure Chest

          additional resources that I am adding:
                  DK Timelines Of History
                  The Kingfisher Illustrated History Of The World
                  The Kingfisher Atlas Of The World
                   Mankind: The Story Of Us All
                  The Complete Book Of World History
                   IEW - Ancient History - based writing lessons (english and history)
                  The Kids Family Tree Book (by caroline leavitt)
                  Take A Stand - Ancient History Games


D'auiaires Book Of Greek Myths
World Mythology (minipedia)
Ancient Greece (teacher created resources)
Greek Myth Mini Books (scholastic)


DK Geography Of The World
The Complete Book Of Maps and Geography
Geography Wizardry For Kids
Everything You Need To Know About Geography Homework


Pandia Press - Life Science - level 1
Apologia Botany w/ jr notebook

Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books (butterflies, birds, wildflowers)
State field guides (trees & wildflowers, birds, butterflies)

Abeka 74 field and study study cards - Botany

Nature Smart
Nifty Nature

Science Near and Far 1954

Weather (teacher created resources)


Keys To Fractions
Family Math
Teaching The Fun Of Math
Fraction Jugglers
Success With Math (scholastic)


Exploring Planet Earth (john hudson tiner)

membership to Evan Moor Teacher Toolbox

YOGA and Nature Walks

Things Still Not Decided On...

Composer, Artist, and Scientist studies