Sunday, December 13, 2009

2007-09: Nature Walks

Minus the freezing wintery days, we take a nature walk everyday. The kids grab their nature journals, their camera's and little artist bags filled with colored pencils and such. I bring along the basket for them to collect their goodies in.

There is always lots of chits and chats going on, everyone spilling out all of their thoughts, pointing out finds, asking questions...

One the day of which that concerns this story, my youngest daughter spotted some itty bitty berries in the clovers. She asked me if fairy's grew the berries. I wasn't paying much attention because I was listening to my oldest daughter ... and so I did the automatic "yes".

My daughter became very excited and I suddenly had to catch up with what was going on as she started to eagerly tell me all about the fairies and how they grew berries, how they fed the squirrels, where they lived... and soon a story was being formed. As we walked along she masterfully weaved a fantastic story only the way a 4yr old can. A story where absolutely everything can and does happen.

Somehow it came to be that you can only see a fairy in the right conditions. We were soon gathering materials to create the perfect fairy farm. When we arrived home in the backyard, we started to build our fairy farm (the picture above is of the fairy farm). Then we decided to paint pictures of the beautiful fairies, using our water colors.

We never did see the fairy's. We think it is because we do not get up early enough with the morning dew. =)